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Setting up the Classic Canon 5D MK II as a Movie Camera

Setting up the Canon 5D MK II as a movie camera.
Setting up the Canon 5D MK II as a movie camera.

The Canon 5D MK II was released over 7 years ago and is still a BEAST in picture quality and functionality. Today, it can be found on the second hand market at rock bottom prices. We picked one up and started using it for video. To get the best filmic look on the camera, try the following settings, and then do post processing in your favorite editor.

How to set up the Canon 5D MK II for Video
1) Set to Manual Mode
2) Shutter Speed set to 50 (if shooting at 25 fps) The shutter speed should be double your fps – to reduce motion blur or high speed shutter. You might have to use an ND to stop down the light if too bright.
3) Set ISO – the key ISO’s to use are 160, 320, 640, 1250. The lowest numbers are the most noise free, but also require the most light.
4) Set a picture profile settings:
Sharpness – 0
Contrast – 0
Saturation – minus 2
Color Tone – 0
This setting makes it harder to focus and looks flatter, but you get 2 stops of latitude for post processing.

You now have your Canon 5D MK II set up as a movie camera.
Now go shoot your masterpiece!

**Settings courtesy of Philip Bloom.